How is it easiest to implement CRM and adapt employees to the new format of work?
If employees are well versed in the system and learn to easily manage processes, then there will definitely be no negative after implementation. To do this, you need to to conduct quality training.

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Training is Conducted in a Convenient Form for the Customer

Specialists and trainers of LBS Group conduct training that allows you to easily and effectively use CRM and ERP platforms. The approach to training is individual. Also, the features of the internal processes of the company are always taken into account. of the company.


Using Skype, Zoom, Google Meet.



Directly in the client's office

The program includes text and video materials, as well as a 7-hour practical module. There are also recommendations for company executives that will allow implementation more efficiently and in a short time.

Secrets of Effective CRM Implementation

Formation of strategy

The first thing that specialists and managers should do is to form a strategy.

To do this, everyone should have a clear idea of the project:

- what goals the company sets;
- deadlines for achieving them;
- direction and focus on the specifics of the business;
- corporate values of the company;
- assessment of opportunities.

If there is no strategy, and the goals are unclear - training even by the best specialists will not will not give the expected result.

Action plan

Once the goals and priorities are set, an action plan is drawn up. This will allow identify and implement priority tasks in the first place.

It should be understood that it will not be possible to implement everything "at the push of a button". Especially Moreover, long-term goals require systematic, regular actions. Reasonable distribution of responsibilities and step-by-step management will lead to the desired result.

Practical part of the training

Control over the processes and the correct distribution of responsibilities is also an important stage. If the company does not have the appropriate personnel for this role, then leave this work to the specialists.

Adjusting work processes and sending employees to the right actions - is a practical part of training.

Management, as well as employees of the company, will receive recommendations for improvement of work and expert assessment based on performance results.


It is important to take into account the comments of employees on the operation of the system. For these purposes, you can create an expert group.

Comments can be completely different: the convenience of the interface, the lack of functionality, the possibility of updating, etc.

If CRM is flexible and designed to install additional modules, then most technical issues can be solved.

The main idea that guides the developers of LBS Group is that the service should be of high quality, so there is no doubt about the flexibility of the platforms.

Train and Test

Train and Test

Employee training includes not only theoretical basics. Although knowledge of instructions is important, but demonstrating a possible scenario gives a more detailed understanding about the workflow. But the final picture is formed after the test part. Employees in practice can feel all the subtleties of using of the platform. The methodology allows you to learn, consolidate the material passed several times to implement the acquired knowledge faster and more efficiently. A change management in the workflow and a structural approach process and structural approach increases productivity

LBS Group specialists conduct both group classes, from 3 to 10 people, and individual ones. The results of training and implementation of CRM will not be unexpected. It will be regular and gradual changes in the work of the company and each individual employee. After the end of the company will be able to evaluate and feel the results of optimization.